All businesses are based around workflows and documents, and trying to manage their records - let us make them integrated, automated and efficient.

What is eBA?

eBA is Workflow and Document Management (WDM) solution. ERP manages your business operations, from finance, sales and supply chain to customer relations, whereas eBA optimizes those same business operations by automating document-intensive workflows (like invoice management, staff on-boarding, purchase and sales orders processing and etc) to master record management. eBA for ERP also lets you bridge the gap between your structured data in ERP and related unstructured data, and helps you better manage that endlessly growing data repository efficiently.

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Years experience


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End user satisfaction
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Why eBA?

  • Workflow management

    Control your critical processes with eBA. Connect your data and users with relevant tasks and information inside and outside of ERP with the robust eBA workflow system that cuts out complexity and speeds-up time to value.

  • Document management

    Build a paperless office management system. eBA provides systematic way to handle physical and electronic documents that enables documents to be created, shared, organized and retrieved efficiently.

  • Record Management

    Maintain complaince in managing records. From creation to disposition, records management ensures the lifecycle of records are on the right track, and this leads to peace of mind for those in the organization.

  • ERP integration

    Easily integrate with existing ERP and other operational systems. The customizable layer allows fully compatible operation with the processes on the existing infrastructure of the company.

  • Easy-to-use

    Enjoy an immersive user experience with eBA’s clean, intuitive interface. Modern, instinctive navigation enables you to get more done with fewer clicks.

  • Ready access

    Take advantage of fully managed web-based service ensuring your employees have up-to-date, accurate information right at their fingertips.


eBA brings a unique range of benefits

  • Improve efficiency

    Printing, shipping, and storage costs are eliminated to minimum levels. Automation of manual processes improves productivity and reduces time spent on tasks.

  • Improve  service

    By providing you with automated, rule-based decisions and associated tasks, approvals and notification, you can respond client’s inquires timely and manage orders in a systematic way.

  • Strengthen control

    It will enable you to control access to content, maintain audit trails and histories, and automate the disposition of content based on consistent policies.

  • Access from everywhere

    eBA can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and accessed from any device either through responsive web-browser or with native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


Simple. Clean. User-friendly. Informative.