Easily monitor condition and performance of your physical assets ensuring business continuity.

What is BEAM?

It is found out that the reason behind the productivity and quality of the establishment in modern establishments is maintenance management systems. It is not possible to control the quality and productivity of an establishment without controlling the core resources. Creating a true corporate maintenance culture is only possible with Maintenance/Asset Management System.

BEAM is the most commonly used Maintenance/Asset Management System primarily for its functionality, reporting and chart variety, and ease of use. As your digital transformation partner, we believe in the power of simplicity. BEAM provides simplicity that increases productivity, boosts employee and customer satisfaction, reduces cost and improves bottom-line at any workplace.



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of TOP 500 (Turkey)
End user satisfaction


End user satisfaction


  • Asset Management

    BEAM offers integrated application platform as a single point of control by managing all kinds of assets and their data.

  • Fleet Management

    Create asset hierarchy and spare part logs of all your transportation vehicles and ensure control in accordance requirements.

  • Inventory Management

    Be up to date on the use of information for spare parts of assets. Manage your inventory in a smart way thanks to BEAM.

  • Maintenance Management

    Manage planned and unplanned maintenance activities from work request to completion and closing of work orders.

  • Purchase Management

    Generate purchase indents, consolidate purchase needs, seek approval from managers, create purchase orders.

  • Personnel Management

    Manage your technical personnel based on the workloads, work priorities, skills, and shifts of your resources.

  • Energy Management

    Monitor the energy consumed on certain assets, plan the consumption targets and analyze the actualization rates. 

  • Warranty Management

    Maintain contracts with vendors and keep track of expiring warranties to save repair cost for items under warranties.

  • Document Management

    Organize all your documents at one place. Share instruction manuals or contract documents with relevant teams.


BEAM brings a unique range of benefits

  • Improved Customer Service

    Where assets play a key role in the provision and quality of products and services, better enterprise asset management will contribute to better operating results, performance and ultimately improve customer service.

  • Improved Utilization

    Know exactly what assets you have, where they are located and what their condition is. Therefore, you will never purchase more of them than you need and you can utilize assets much more efficiently.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Improve efficiency with automated processes for adding, inspecting, and modifying asset records. Automatically capture data using a barcode or RFID scanner. Create detailed reports with a click of a button.

  • Improved Decisions

    BEAM offers a wide view of an organization’s asset portfolio and how they are being used to align with business objectives allowing business leaders to make well-informed decisions on future investment needs.

  • Improved Compliance

    BEAM helps organizations to get detailed compliance reports (such as equipment maintenance, calibration, and testing) in minutes where as it would have taken months if the same data was compiled manually.

  • Improved Risk Managament

    BEAM helps to embrace risk-based asset management culture and reduce risks associated with ownership of assets – anything from unnecessary maintenance costs and inefficiency to accident prevention.


Simple. Clean. Friendly-use. Informative.